National Conference on Historicizing Indian Television: People, Programs and Processes Post 1990 (HIT: PPP)

Department of Media and Communication Studies, Savitribai Phule Pune University is organizing a three day national level conference on the theme - Historicizing Indian Televsion: People Programs and Processes Post 1990 (HIT-PPP). The conference proposes to streamline varied accounts mainly along three dimensions from during the years 1990-2018: People Programs and Processes. These dimensions can reasonably take into account most of the issues related to television as an industry as well as social institution and yet remain coherent and grounded in the field of media studies.

Speakers for the Conference

Day 1: 8th February 2018

Kiran Karnik

LV Krishnan


As one of the architects of landmark television experiment SITE and as director of DECU and CEC, he demonstrated how television could be used for education and development in India. Carrying the same spirit of meaningful broadcasting, he also successfully introduced Discovery & Animal Planet channels to Indian audiences in 1990s. His path breaking contributions to Indian television from 1970s to 1990s for public as well as private sector broadcasting truly make him a ‘Historic Figure’ of Indian television.


As the CEO of the premier media research body TAM since 2000, L. V. Krishnan introduced many innovative media data sets and analytical tools that helped the industry develop key insights into advertising and programming strategies. His initiatives at TAM not only created a reliable currency for television market but also developed a repository of insights about the complex world of Indian television. For the much needed research matrix that he developed for the competitive media market, he deserves to be called as a ‘Historic Figure’ of India television.


Day 2: 9th February 2018

Gautham Machaihah

Nitin Vaidya


A man for all media, Dr. Gautham Machaiah successfully carried out various corporate responsibilities in Zee television. As the Executive Vice-president of Zee Network (South) he played a crucial role in establishing the three regional channels of the Group—Kannada, Tamil and Telugu—on a firm footing in a highly competitive Southern market. A journalist by training and practice he successfully moulded himself to challenges of competitive television and digital market. For his consistent contribution to broadcasting, he deserves to be called a Historic Figure of Indian television.



Before starting his own successful media venture ‘Dashami Creations’ in 2012, Nitin Vaidya had a 25 year long and successful career in entertainment channels and print and electronic journalism. He played an important role in successfully running regional language channels of Zee TV. With innovative programming and cultural connect he created a new benchmark of quality and success in Marathi and Bangla television. From the launch of regional channels to leading the entire business of Zee and Star, he has been instrumental in shaping the dynamics of Indian television. For his consistent contributions to Indian broadcasting for about two decades now, he is surely a Historic Figure of Indian television

Day 3: 10th February 2018

Sameer Nair


A media and entertainment industry veteran, Sameer Nair’s illustrious career spans across three decades with him holding key positions at leading media houses. Through innovative programming strategies that produced landmark programs like KBC and Balaji serials, he turned Star Plus into the leading channel of the country for about seven years. With his innate ability to match content with commerce and strategies with audience dynamics, he set new benchmark in programming, scheduling and marketing. For his phenomenal contribution in transforming the television scenario in India in the first decade of the new millennium, he is surely a ‘Historic Figure’ of television in India.


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