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DMCS Vaikhari Connect is a student activity/assignment for the Journalism paper guided by Prof. Vishram Dhole in the Part 1 of the Masters course. It is one of a kind learning experience about the workings and the structure of a journalistic organisation. Ever since its conception in 2015, Vaikhari Connect has undertaken various new formats and topics, ranging from Bilingual Tabloid, Magazines to the 12 Hour Digital Newsroom format. Keeping in mind its digital presence and to challenge the students with a new and innovative format, DMCS Vaikhari Connect decided to experiment with a completely new, never done before concept of ‘Infograhics’ in its 2019 edition. With this activity, students learn to work according to the hierarchical structures of a journalistic organization and it gives them a firsthand practical example of what to expect in a typical news & media organization. It also helps them understand the complexities of this field and teaches them the importance of working as a team.


Over the years DMCS Vaikhari Connect has experimented with various formats with a vision to talk about a specific topic. It aims to maintain relevance to the current issues and to explore the arena of new media platforms.

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