M.Phil./Ph.D. Media and Communication Studies

Course Overview

Department of Media and Communication Studies started the M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes with an aim to be an academic location for the development of a critical understanding about media and its engagement with society, culture, polity and economy. Envisaged primarily as a programme for research and academic study, some of the research concerns of department include the history of media, Television studies, Indian Cinema, New media and its effective and affective roles in everyday life, Popular Culture and Media functioning in different forms, i.e., electronic, visual , print, etc., in diverse socio-cultural and political milieu. The duration of the M. Phil. course will be maximum 3 semesters i.e. 18 months, coinciding with the academic calendar of the University. This includes both course work and dissertation. The course work will be completed in the first semester followed by dissertation within the maximum permissible period of one year. The credit requirement for course work is a minimum of 16 credits with basic, optional and auxiliary courses. The course work for students admitted into the M. Phil./ Ph.D. programme will be the same and carries a total of 16 credits. It will include a combination of lectures, tutorials, preparation and presentation of seminar papers, book reviews, class room tests and participation in discussions on work in progress.


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Fee Structure

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How to Apply

The application form and procedure will be available at the DMCS website once the notification is out.

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